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After experiencing burnout firsthand while working in the DEI field, friends Monica and Mona recognized the pressing need for a solution to help reduce and prevent burnout in their profession. They teamed up in 2022 to create a space that prioritizes wellness and provides support to those who need it most.


Our goal at Restore Recenter Retreat is to offer a deliberate space for BIPOC professionals working across all areas of the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) field to access healing, community and respite in nature.

Our virtual and in-person retreats offer a tailored, multi-day experience that helps prevent, cope, and recover from the emotional toll of this work, while promoting the overall wellbeing of those who are impacted by it. 

We also offer a supportive community beyond the retreat, which includes the opportunity to connect with peers through our cohort program, as well as participate in monthly virtual restorative circles.


RRR centers Black, Indigenous and other People of Color whose work includes DEI responsibilities at an official or unofficial capacity. For example:


  • Chief Diversity Officer 

  • DEI Associate

  • DEI Partner 

  • DEI Manager  

  • ERG/ Affinity Group Lead 

  • ERG/ Affinity Group Member 

  • DEI Committee Member

** If you do not have the above titles and are interested in the program, we encourage you to please apply **


In recent years, the demand for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) professionals has risen sharply, with a surge of 123% between May and September 2020 alone, according to Indeed. In response to this demand, many organizations have appointed Chief Diversity Officers, with 62% of those surveyed in a WittKieffer study were the first person in their organization to hold this role. 

However, with recent economic events and politicized rhetoric, we are seeing trends of DEI budgets, including dedicated DEI positions, being the first to be let go. 

This rapid growth and recent decline of DEI has led to challenges for DEI professionals, including feelings of tokenism, lack of management support, role ambiguity, and role conflict, all of which contribute to an increase in burnout. In fact, a study by the University of Oklahoma, Tulsa found that D&I professionals experience significantly higher levels of emotional exhaustion (2022).


At Restore Recenter Retreat, we recognize that experiences of harm in the workplace can be deeply damaging, and we believe that the first step towards healing is to prioritize our own well-being. By immersing ourselves in a retreat-style environment surrounded by community, we create a space for personal growth and transformation. Together, we aim to support our fellow DEI professionals in cultivating a deeper sense of inner peace and reconnection with our divine selves.

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