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Coming Soon!
In Person RetreaT

We invite you to join us for a very special 5 day in person retreat in Bali, Indonesia designed intentionally for BIPOC DEI professionals! 

There are many different tools and rituals we can lean on to heal ourselves and build resilience when doing DEI work. We recognize everyone heals and processes at different speeds and through different modalities. The 5 day in person Restore Recenter Retreat focuses on three specific areas: 


Restoring your physical and mental health through gentle physical movement, affirming counseling, community care, connecting to the earth, time in solitude.


Recentering within ourselves and our communities by centering BIPOC individuals doing DEI work.


Retreating from corporate culture to promote community healing, strong network, affirming care, joy, self-compassion, gentleness, and love. We invite you to review the five day agenda to further understand what each day has in store.

Bali view

You Get The Plane Ticket, We'll Take Care Of The Rest

Lucky for us, co-founder Monica Gangwar currently resides in Bali and works with Balinese partners to arrange accommodation, transportation, 3 meals a day and on-site specialized holistic care providers. Pricing TBD.

A message about Bali tourism from Monica & Mona

We recognize the potential harms of tourism and its historic link to colonialism. Tourism has the potential to perpetuate the power dynamics of colonialism by promoting unequal relationships between tourists and locals. To address this potential, we make it our priority to build equitable partnerships with local Balinese business owners by offering above market compensation, engage in honest collaboration, listen to feedback and a commitment to respect the land. We are grateful to our Balinese partners and ask all participants to lead with respect.

Are You Interested? 

We are diligently planning the in person retreat behind the scenes and cannot wait to provide this offering! If this is something you are interested in, please send us an email so we can add you to our waitlist: 

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